Alentejo 2013

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Meeting in Portugal 26 – 29  January 2013
The fourth Inter-contexts meeting of the partners took place in Setubal and in Castelo de Vide, in Alentejo (a south-central region of Portugal), and was organized by ICE.

Portugal partners presented an inspiring regional initiative, which brings together a school in Castelo de Vide, Ferreira do Alentejo Municipality, Polytechnic Institute of Portalegre, Synagogue museum, ethnographic gallery and other institutions alongside with specialists in formal and non-formal learning, historians, architects and other experts for developing and implementing a model of cultural heritage learning.


Partners visited a school in Castelo de Vide, where non-formal learning methods are being applied for learning about cultural history of the region. Guided by historians, architects and teachers, children explore city spaces, focusing on various elements, which they picture, describe and learn about them. They also develop stories about exhibits in local Synagogue museum and stage plays (each dedicated to a certain exhibit). Moreover, in the ethnographic gallery children arrange guided tours for visitors.

Every partner has presented their local work-in-progress and discussed instruments of communication with local communities, used while developing the projects. Partners also discussed further plans on the conference, which is going to take place in Riga (Latvia) in May. During this conference preliminary results of Inter-context project will be presented.




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