Paris 2012

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Meeting in Paris 14 – 17 March 2012

The second meeting of InterContexts was realised March 2012 in Genevillier in Paris.

The Espace Grésillions in Genevilliers, Paris hosted the second meeting of InterContexts. From 14-17 March thanks to Metropop we get to know Genevilliers and the Banlieues in Paris, their history and their social problems.

We also had time to further develop at the level of Partnership. Each partner presented the local project that will realise during InterContexts and its context of the work. The exploration of Contexts – Projects revealed also a number of interconnections, common interests, tools and methods to be exchanged and shared by the Partners.

The meeting in Paris gave us the opportunity to get deeper in the issue of how to strengthen participation and the communities in our respective contexts. It was decided that the next meeting in Vilnius would focus on tools and methods in order to explore further this issue.

InterContexts Minutes Paris March 2012 (pdf)

Panneau_Expo_ZAC_EDV [PDF]

QM_quartiersfonds [PDF]

Zeitpfeil-InterContexts Paris March 2012, Context and Project [PDF]

ICE- InterContexts Paris March 2012, Context and Project – Portuguese [PDF]

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