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Zeitpfeil e.V. is an association for nonformal and informal citizenship and (inter)cultural education implementing seminars, training courses, study trips and European exchange projects for young adults and adult learners on both regional and national level. Its mission is to offer spaces of information and to empower its learners to actively participate in society. Zeitpfeil e.V. in cooperation with its Western German partner organisation Politischer Arbeitskreis Schulen e.V. and with European partners (e.g. within the learning partnership “Tool Kit Participation in Adult Education”) has  developed principles, concepts and methodologies for different target groups, including disadvantaged young adults. The association closely collaborates with neighbourhood managements on long term projects to promote participation of disadvantaged young adults in the districts Neukoelln and Wedding.


Project: Zeitpfeil´s local project for InterContexts [PDF]

Projektsbeschreibung: Grundtvig Projekt InterContexts -deutsch [PDF]

Local Project´s Presentation of results (in German): Jugendpartizipationsansätze in Berlin QMs. pdf




Tita Kaisari-Ernst coordinates the learning partnership for Zeitpfeil. Tita is social anthropologist. After her studies she worked in advertisement and marketing research and she was engaged in international projects for young people in Athens. In 2004 -2006 she was freelancer trainer, moderator and project manager for Greek NGOs in the area of Humanitarian aid and Develepment (Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Libanon). From 2006 she lives in Berlin and she works in Projects concerning the Participation in disadvantaged areas.



Katja Niggemeier
13-Vilnius-2012Since 2008 Katja Niggemeier is part of L.I.S.T. GmbH – L.I.S.T. is an acronym for “Lösungen im Stadtteil – “Solutions in Neighbourhoods”. In her work for the organisation she is head of one out of 34 Neighbourhood Managements in Berlin, Neighbourhood Management (Quartiersmanagement) Soldiner Straße. For furher information please look at Socially Integrative City: Neighborhood Management.
She holds a master in political science and German philology. Katja started her career as a cultural manager in a little theatre and cinema in a town near Hamburg. After moving to Berlin in 1999 she became interested in community living, co-housing and urban development in general – so she finally shifted from cultural to urban management. For years she was engaged in “Ideenaufruf”, an initiative for the bottom-up development of a former railway-repair-station in Berlin.
In her work for L.I.S.T GmbH Katja is also co-author of “Handbuch Partizipation” (Guide to Participation, pdf), edited by the Berlin Senate for Urban Development and developed together with Christian Ernst a qualification concept for administrative staff, who is involved in participation projects and processes in their city or area.

Yvonne Kiefel

Christian Ernst

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